Company Status

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Jeju One Food

Jeju One Food is a food manufacturer which produces food products from the farm products produced from the nature and people of Jeju.

We have been making our best effort to keep our promise to "Provide safe products to our consumers" by using clean agricultural products of Jeju for differentiation of taste and product quality improvement since our establishment in 2015.

We will continue to grow into a reliable food company through our strict quality management system, and consistent R&D to develop and produce products that our consumers can trust and consume.


Core Competencies

Mindset of an Artisan

Delivering customer value through personnel of "Best technique" based on mastery rather than prioritizing profit generation

Vengineer(Venture+Engineer) Mindset

Combination of engineer mindset and venture mindset for differentiated delivery of customer value

Mindset for Continuous R&D

Continuous exploration to discover attractive products and new consumer satisfaction


Key Certifications

Factory registration certificate

HACCP certificate

JQ certificate

Company research laboratory certificate

Venture company certificate

Product compensation liability insurance policy

Risk assessment certificate

Sixth Industrial business certificate

CLEAN business site certificate


Brand Introduction


The story of Mielmi begins from the clean nature of Jeju in Korea. Jeju mandarine have grown alongside the nature which turns the cool night breeze and heat of Jeju during the day into its own scent and color.

We intend to recreate the mandarine which have existed for a long period of time into contemporary food utilizing the purity of mandarine which reflects the lifestyle of consumers.

Mielmi is a brand from Jeju One Food which combines the meaning of "Honey" which is "Miel" in French and natural "Taste" which is "Mi" in Chinese.

Three Promises from "Mielmi", Contemporary Fruit Chips


Product Introduction


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