Company Status

(주)진산비버리지 전경

Jinsan Beverage

Foundation of Jinsan is technology and its fuel is creativity

Jinsan is part of the Group MIN from Daeseung Co., Ltd established in 1995 and it was founded in March of 2016 at Jeju based on its accumulated technology and innovative mind.

We possess the best quality competitiveness as we have systemized our core functions across sourcing of ingredients, R&D, production/manufacturing, storage/logistics, and sales. We have implemented the advanced purchasing technique such as contracts for harvest from producers, consigned farming, and reserve purchases for improvement of our competitiveness in terms of ingredients.

The beverage of Jinsan contains stories of the farms providing the honest natural ingredients along with our employees who produce these fresh ingredients as well as our customers. Jinsan will continue its investment in R&D to maximize all of its values in order to pursue its ultimate goal of "Health food life".

Jinsan objectify the reliability of its products through HACCP and FDA and FSSC 22000 of the US to produce healthy beverage.


Core Competencies

We believe in our flavour

The beverage of Jinsan is filled with fresh ingredients directly coming from the farms.
Our beverages have been made from the best ingredients and technique.

We respect nature

We are producing NON-GMO, sugar free, and additive free beverage according to the consumer trend focused on food reliability and health to contain "Ethics" in our beverage which preserve the natural taste of farm products without chemical additives while maintaining sustainable farming and respecting the mother nature.

We believe in our creativity

The aseptic system to maintain the freshness of beverage at its peak will provide the value of freshness to everyone.

We believe in our environment

The caliz pack made of seven layers protects the beverage from sunlight, oxygen, and microorganisms while maintaining the taste and quality of the beverage in room temperature for a long time. Also, 75% of it is made of natural pulp which can be recycled easily by separating the polyethylene and aluminum to be born again as a new pack over and over again.


Brand Introduction

제주뜰애 로고


Our first BI "Jejuttre" contains the meaning of ingredients that have grown with love from the clean fields of Jeju which are healthy and delicious.
We have used the "Sandol Jeju scripture" which expresses our brand image that is friendly and soft providing the map of Jeju in its simplified state and reminding the readers of the Jeju dol hareubang. We have also used the tree leaf shape which represents eco-friendliness to express our eco-friendly brand image.


Product Introduction