Company Status

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Bluetam INS

Containing the Nature of Jeju

Bluetanm INS is a food manufacturer and online system development company established in May of 2016 which produces omegi rice cake, mandarine rice cake, and hanrabong candy and it is a company that constructs online shopping malls.

We have the technology for rice cakes that do not become stiff and our quality has been acknowledged worldwide which led to our business network across LA, Australia, Korea, and Jeju Island.

We have begun constructing automated production line factory due to increase in production amount as of November of 2018 and we are making a greater effort to bring the Sixth Industrial Revolution to reality.


Core Competencies

Construction of Online Systems

Internet shopping mall and mobile web construction based on .NET development language
Securing of Windows Server and MS-SQL database technology

Rice Cakes

We possess the technology to produce rice cakes that do not turn stiff and maintain its original shape to prevent rice cakes turning stiff during its distribution

Korean Traditional Sweets

Development of hanrabong juice utilizing the residual inner layer(Shell) after juice extraction which is nutritious but under utilized

HACCP and Automated Production Line

Harmful factors restricted through HACCP
Increase of production and simplification of work logic through the first automated production line for rice cakes in Jeju


Brand Introduction

블루탐 로고


Bluetam contains 2 meanings of "Seeking blue" and "Clean Jeju".

We aim to deliver the beauty of Jeju to the world.
We aim to deliver the healthy food from agricultural products of Jeju through the internet.


Product Introduction